2013 - The Long Draw

Proof Of A Promise - 2010 2010 - Proof Of A Promise

Shotgun Pillowcase - 2007 2007 - Shotgun Pillowcase

Celebration What For - 2004 2004 - Celebration What For

Frozen (Live) - 2002 2004 - Frozen (Live)

Tender Loving Hell - The Best of TLH - 2003 2003 - Best of TLH

The Blue Room - 2000 2003 - The Blue Room

Old Hand - 1999 1999 Old Hand (with The Blind Doctors)

Leaving West - 1996 1996 - Leaving West

1995 - Tornado Alley

The Wilderness Years - 1995 1995 - The Wilderness Years

Frontier Model - 1994 1994 - Frontier Model

Oh What A World - 1993 1993 - Oh What A World

Compilations & collaborations:

Hardpan - 2002 2002 - Hardpan

Hardpan Live - 2003 2003 - Hardpan Live

"Lowlife - The Seattle Underground Rock album"
(Ironwood, 1987)
Terry Lee Hale And The Ones: Stiff Resistance
TLH: Vocals/Guitar
Mike Giacondino: Bass
Chris Adams: Drums

"Sub Pop 200" (Sub Pop 1988)
Dead is Dead

SUB-POP-200 was released in December 1988 as 3 12" LPs packaged with a 20-page booklet- the release was limited to 5000 copies. Originals sell for upwards of US$75 in some stores.In November 1991, the compilation was reissued on compact disc. In September 12, 1995, it was reissued a second time on CD in a small cardboard box. According to Suzy Davenport of Sub Pop, "We've reissued the Sub Pop 200 CD with a new booklet that's like a CD-size version of the book that came with the original three-LP boxed set". The album features 20 bands, including those who are now considered to be the defining bands of the "Seattle sound": Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Green River, Screaming Trees, etc.

"Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness" (Glitterhouse 1994)
TLH: Ride Hard (from "Frontier Model")
TLH: Feeding The Rat

"Sunday Morning Sessions" (Munich 1995)
TLH: "Boys Are Waiting" (Live radio recording)

"Howl...A farewell compilation of unreleased songs" (Glitterhouse 1995)
TLH: Too Much Life - with Carla Torgerson on cello

"Out of the Blue Vol.1" (Glitterhouse 1995)
TLH: Ragged Caravan (from "The Wilderness Years")

"Out of the Blue Vol.3" (Glitterhouse 1996)
TLH: Slow Poison (Exclusive 4 track demo)

"Have One" (Glitterhouse 1996)
TLH: Slow Poison (from "Leaving West")

"Out of the Blue Vol.4" (Glitterhouse 1997)
TLH: Cheyenne (from "Leaving West")

Chris Eckman, Pete Gerrald and Carla Torgerson: "Where The Air Is Cool And Dark - Music From The Motion picture" (Glitterhouse 1997)
TLH: Train To Mercy (C. Eckman)
Originally recorded by The Walkabouts in "Scavenger"

"Out of the Blue Vol.5" (Glitterhouse 1998)
TLH: Toss (from the HOT FM 9QM Sessions)

Luxury Liner Vol.3" (Glitterhouse 1998)
TLH: Cheyenne (from "Leaving West")

"Out of the Blue Vol.6" (Glitterhouse 1999)
TLH & The Blind Doctors: Hardly Ever Two (from "Old Hand")

"Come Fly With Us - A Glitterhouse Compilation" (Glitterhouse 1999)
TLH: If You Want (from "Old Hand")

"Out of the Blue Vol.8" (Glitterhouse 2000)
TLH: Texas Rose (from "The Blue Room")

The Bambi Molesters: "Sonic Bullets" (Dancing Bear 2001)
TLH: Whistle & u-cha in "Last Ride"

Chris Eckman: "The Black Field" (Glitterhouse 2004)
TLH: Dobro in "Restless"

"Out of the darkness..." (M10 2004)
TLH: Postscript (from "The Blue Room")

"Blue Rose nuggets 6" (Blue Rose 2004)
TLH: Dangling

"Borderdreams - La ruta del americana" (Dock 2004)
TLH: Rainer's Song (from "Old Hand")

"Nevermind - Glitterhouse is 20" (Glitterhouse 2005)
TLH: Tornado Alley (from "Tornado Alley")

"No Depression - Another late night mix" (Glitterhouse 2005)
TLH: Ragged Caravan (from "The Wilderness Years")

Hic Et Nunc "Burn Fat Old Sun" (Nika 2006)
TLH: Dobro in "Petrol"

A.A.V.V.: "The arc classic - Michael Weston King" (ARC 2007)
TLH: "Lay Me Down" (M. W. King)

A.A.V.V.: "All Sewn Up - A tribute To patrick Fitzgerald" (CGR 2009)
TLH: "Laughter Far Away" (P. Fitzgerald)

A.A.V.V.: "Got No Chain - The Songs of The Walkabouts" (Glitterhouse 2009)
TLH & The Seattle Clams: "Got No Chain" (The Walkabouts)

Michael Shuler "Edge Of The World" (Brave Feet 2009)
TLH: Dobro in "When Will I Be Reconcilied?"

Al DeLoner "Itchy And The Girl Dancing" (Bystrom 2010)
TLH: Guitar in "Itchy And The Girl Dancing"

Hannah Gillespie "All The Dirt" (Hannagillespie 2011)
TLH: Dobro in "Just A man"

TLH & Tunnel tree: "Shadow" / "She Makes Me" (lim. ed. 7" 2013)

Songs in bold are Unavailable elsewhere


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